Peace Corps Sued Over Mental Health Policy

Applicants have challenged the Peace Corps practice of rescinding invitations to applicants on the basis of mental health conditions.


As Covid Infections Rise, Nursing Homes Are Still Waiting for Vaccines

Now that the U.S. government has stepped back from issuing vaccines, long-term care operators have yet to start administering shots to protect one of the most vulnerable populations.


Online Marijuana Shops Make It Easy for Minors to Buy, Study Finds

Many online marijuana dispensaries do not enforce age limits on purchases and have other lax policies that enable minors to buy cannabis on the internet.


In Hospitals, Viruses Are Everywhere. Masks Are Not.

Amid an uptick in Covid infections, administrators, staff and patients are divided over the need for masks in health care settings.


Genetically Modified Pig’s Heart Is Transplanted Into a Second Patient

The first patient to receive such an organ died after two months. “At least now I have hope,” the second recipient said before the surgery.


FTC Sues Anesthesia Group Backed by Private Equity, Claiming Antitrust

The federal agency claims the company’s practices amount to antitrust activity, a new salvo in the government’s scrutiny of health care consolidation that has led to higher prices.


Nearly 500,000 in U.S. Will Regain Medicaid Coverage After State Errors

Low-income people who wrongly lost Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program coverage will keep their insurance, federal officials said.


‘Only God Can Thank You’: Female Health Workers Fight to Be Paid

Community health workers put in long hours to protect people in developing countries from diseases such as malaria, Covid-19 and H.I.V. But most are compensated minimally, or not paid at all.


Advances in Eye Scans and Protein Structure Win 2023 Lasker Awards

This year’s awards were given to scientists who helped doctors see the retina and used artificial intelligence to predict the shapes of cellular proteins.


For ‘The Golden Bachelor’ and Others, What Dating After 60 Looks Like

For “The Golden Bachelor” and other singles of a certain age, there may be bad dates and false starts. But romance can be infinitely better after decades of life experience.