Tune Into Your Television, Not Hanging Wires

(NAPSI)-High-definition flat-screen televisions are among the most popular home electronics items, and mounting them on walls has become a common practice. But if cords and cables hang from a mounted TV to the ground, viewers might focus on the mess instead of the entertainment.

Think about it—have you ever been watching television and noticed a lamp or window reflection on the screen? It becomes all you see, and you can’t really tune back into the show without turning off the light or drawing the curtains. The same thing happens when a wall-mounted TV has a bunch of wires hanging underneath it.

Homeowners can prevent this ugly distraction in a couple of ways. A Flat-Screen Television Cord Cover Kit offers a simple solution for those who don’t want to fumble with wires. Just measure the height between the TV and the electrical outlet, cut the cord cover to size, and use the wall anchors and screws to secure its base. Then lay in the cords and cables and snap on the cover.

A Cord Cover’s sleek profile keeps wires protected and it can be painted to match the wall color, too. It’s subtle enough to keep one’s focus on the TV but another option eliminates the need for wires to hang at all.

A Recessed Television Box can be installed at the same height as the TV, with all the necessary power and low-voltage connections recessed into the wall (instead of flush with the wall, like traditional electrical outlets). This frees up space to hide wires behind the wall-mounted TV for a clean, uncluttered look.

A Recessed Television Box can even include a surge suppression outlet, which protects the TV from damaging electrical surges—such as those from lightning strikes—without the bulkiness of a power strip.

Whether you’re experienced with electrical work or a novice, these solutions can hide wires and keep everyone’s eyes on the television screen. Both items can be found at retail outlets such as Lowe’s and Menards. For more information, visit www.betterelectrical.com.