Survey Finds Surprising Facts About Americans' Relationship With Laptops

(NAPSI)-The benefits of being “plugged in” at all times are starting to burn out some laptop users- literally. According to a study by Wakefield Research, laptop users make significant sacrifices in exchange for mobility. The complaints are widespread and range in nature from scorching heat to subpar sound. Fortunately, solutions exist to fix the most-common woes.

There are accessories that can vastly improve overall laptop experience, no matter where you want to use it-at your desk, on the couch or even on the go.

All Fired Up

Laptop users reported that they consistently face issues with the heat generated from their computer. In fact, nearly half (47 percent) of laptop users surveyed have had to temporarily quit using the device because the heat became unbearable. Desperate solutions that people have tried-a pillow (27 percent), towel (19 percent) and magazine (15 percent)-don’t adequately address the problem.

Lapdesks can help alleviate the issues people experience with laptop heat. For example, the Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 is slim enough to take along in a laptop bag while the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 can shield you from heat and deliver rich, full stereo sound, too.

Did You Hear That?

Most people use their laptop primarily for entertainment, with just 4 percent using it exclusively at work. The trend of buying music and videos online has rapidly emerged as a common practice and people often use their PCs to listen to their newly acquired digital files for the first time. However, listening to digital files on the built-in speaker on a laptop often leaves room for improvement.

The sound quality is often so poor that nearly one in three laptop users report having stopped a movie on their laptop because the speaker quality was subpar. More than half of all laptop users say music sounds better on a record player than on their laptop’s speakers. The speakers built into most laptops are tiny and can’t always reproduce powerful audio. Whether you’re an MP3 devotee or a movie lover, adding laptop speakers makes it easy to connect, turn the sound up and lose yourself in the things you love.

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