Expert Answers At Your Fingertips

(NAPSI)-If you’ve ever needed expert help at an inconvenient moment—in the middle of the night, when you’re too broke for a consultation or when you can’t leave the house without an answer—you may appreciate hearing about a helpful resource.

While there are plenty of experts around, few people can afford the amount of money it takes to consult them. Online question-and-answer sites allow you to access expert answers for a minimal fee.

Such sites allow access to doctors, lawyers and other experts on a variety of practical concerns relating to legal, health, cars, pets, and other categories. Such sites have:

• Helped a homeowner save his house from going into foreclosure;

• Saved a car owner more than $7,000 and the person’s old Lincoln from the scrap yard;

• Helped a person fight an IRS

audit and win.

With a little help from the experts, people have improved their career opportunities, saved money and gotten answers to pressing questions when veterinary or doctors’ offices were closed.

The fee is usually minimal. For example, the average answer sup-plied on the JustAnswer site costs around $18 and questions are answered 24/7/365. The average response time is nine minutes.

Many visitors to the site have saved money by avoiding trips to the car mechanic shop or getting step-by-step instructions on how to fix an appliance. One feature many visitors appreciate is the ability to ask questions from the privacy and comfort of their homes. The site has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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