Cloud Computing Drives SMB Agility, Productivity

(NAPSI)-Small and medium businesses across the U.S. are seeking ways to be more agile, productive and cost effective through the innovative use of IT. However, the cost of procurement, the complexity of management and the lack of trained staff often hold them back.

Enter cloud computing.

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Survey Finds Surprising Facts About Americans' Relationship With Laptops

(NAPSI)-The benefits of being “plugged in” at all times are starting to burn out some laptop users- literally. According to a study by Wakefield Research, laptop users make significant sacrifices in exchange for mobility. The complaints are widespread and range in nature from scorching heat to subpar sound. Fortunately, solutions exist to fix the most-common woes.

There are accessories that can vastly improve overall laptop experience, no matter where you want to use it-at your desk, on the couch or even on the go.

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Expert Answers At Your Fingertips

(NAPSI)-If you’ve ever needed expert help at an inconvenient moment—in the middle of the night, when you’re too broke for a consultation or when you can’t leave the house without an answer—you may appreciate hearing about a helpful resource.

While there are plenty of experts around, few people can afford the amount of money it takes to consult them. Online question-and-answer sites allow you to access expert answers for a minimal fee.

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