Family Fun Starts With A Fresh Homemade Pizza

(NAPSI)—One fun way to spend more time as a family is to organize a pizza and game night. Both playing games and making pizza are activities the whole family can enjoy together.

Making pizza can also be an opportunity for kids to brush up on reading, math and science skills, not to mention following instructions. Letting kids get creative with the toppings is a tasty way for them to use their imagination.

It’s easy to make a pizza from scratch. Start with Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast and you can have homemade pizza on the table in 30 minutes. This yeast is the right ingredient for family baking since the on-pack recipe requires no rise time.

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Helping Kids Eat Right

(NAPSI)—Here’s something many Americans may be surprised to learn: “While a shocking 17 percent of our nation’s children are obese, most children are also lacking critical nutrients in their diets, leaving them in a state of malnourishment. On top of that, they are not getting the recommended amount of physical activity their bodies need to grow and thrive,” reports registered dietitian Dr. Katie Brown.

Dr. Brown, who is national education director for the American Dietetic Association Foundation, added, “While, in some ways, this paints a startling picture, it also serves as a ‘call to action’ for registered dietitians to engage families and communities on the grassroots level.

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To Keep Your Brain Young, Try More Fish

(NAPSI)—A new study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables, fish and olive oil and moderate in wine, is associated with slower rates of cognitive decline in older adults.

If you want to help your brain by adding fish to your diet, the following recipe by Dian and Tom Griesel works well with salmon, swordfish, tuna, tilapia or any other firm fish.

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