Do-It-Yourself Tips To “Tress” For Success

(NAPSI)—Whether you want to look particularly pretty for parties or you just want a fresh boost of color to beat the winter blues, here are some of my top tips to help you “tress” for success:

• Don’t be afraid to color your hair at home; there is really only one rule you need to follow—stay within two levels of your starting shade. This will ensure your shade looks natural with your complexion and eye color.

• Wind, sun and other environmental elements can really affect your color. To get your hair feeling soft and your color back in shape, choose a shade close to your current color to use as a “refresher.” This can bring your hair color back to life.

• If you feel your color is becoming “too blonde,” you can easily add dimension back with a shade of hair color within one level of your current shade, blending some of the lighter hues.

• Brassiness is a common complaint I hear. To remedy, check the shade you’re using. Is it a warm shade in the golden, bronze or red families? If so, try switching to a neutral or ash (that’s code for cool) shade. Ash tones offset the brassiness of warmer tones. Natural Instincts offers a Brass Free line designed especially with this in mind. It’s also a demi-permanent hair color and contains vitamins C and E and antioxidants, lasting through 28 shampoos.

• We all love to style our hair with blow-dryers, flatirons and curling irons, but all that heat can take a toll on your color. Make sure to treat your hair before heat styling. Protect your color with a spray or serum, which guards against heat styling damage and will keep your hair color looking fresher for longer.

• Visit and check out my new how-to video to see how to apply Natural Instincts with step-by-step instructions. For any questions on Clairol products, please call the hotline, 1-800-CLAIROL (800-252-4765).

• Marie Robinson is a celebrity colorist and Clairol Color Director.