Tweens and their moms find fun fashions online

(NAPSI)—There are not many things tweens, teens and their moms have in common, but a trendy brand of fun fashions offers women of all ages something to bond about.

The Primp line of ultrafeminine, casual women’s clothing emphasizes comfort without sacrificing style—making it appealing to women on the go, tumbling toddlers and trendy teens.

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Do-It-Yourself Tips To “Tress” For Success

(NAPSI)—Whether you want to look particularly pretty for parties or you just want a fresh boost of color to beat the winter blues, here are some of my top tips to help you “tress” for success:

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Stop Sensitive Skin From Looking Older

(NAPSI)—You can help the skin you’re in look and feel better longer if you’re sensitive to its needs.

This is particulary true for skin with sensitivity issues. These can range from redness, dryness and flare-ups to burning or stinging. Because of that, many women shy away from anti-aging formulas that may feel too irritating or aggressive. Sensitive skin can age faster than other kinds and it’s vulnerable to wrinkles, yet may not do well with typical anti-aging ingredients.

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