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Cloud Computing Drives SMB Agility, Productivity

(NAPSI)-Small and medium businesses across the U.S. are seeking ways to be more agile, productive and cost effective through the innovative use of IT. However, the cost of procurement, the complexity of management and the lack of trained staff often hold them back.

Enter cloud computing.

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Helping Small Businesses Succeed

(NAPSI)-Small businesses may soon find it easier to get the help they need from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

The SBA recently updated its site to provide easier access to information about ways to start up, succeed and grow.

With the new and improved, business owners can access the answers they need specific to their business profile.

While the site features a variety of enhancements including a full redesign, new content and improved navigation, the centerpiece is a dynamic web tool called SBA Direct. 

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American Workers Punching the Time Clock for Somebody Else’s Retirement

(NAPSI)-When the alarm clock buzzes in those dark hours of the early morning, American workers know they have a long day ahead of them earning a living for themselves and their families.

According to two new studies by The Foundation for Educational Choice, however, a good portion of every American’s paycheck will soon be used to fund somebody else’s retirement.

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Online Banking: What You Should Know

(NAPSI)-Only 15 years ago, the world of personal money management changed forever with the introduction of online banking.

Today, with high-speed Internet access common and mobile phones even more so, people not only appreciate but demand the ability to bank "anytime, anywhere."

While it's possible to simply check your balance online or transfer money--among the first two services offered--today, most banks offer a wider variety of services.

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